Anarchist Democrats Defying Anti-Mask Laws

Anarchist Democrats Defying Anti-Mask Laws

Some municipalities, school districts and governing bodies are ignoring, defying or even banning, pro-freedom mask bans put into place by Republican leadership such as in Texas, Arizona and Florida. It just goes to show how little regard liberals have for personal freedom; ban the bans!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott banned mask mandates in Texas public schools, but is being completely ignored by some, such as the Austin Independent School District. The Austin school district “announced that it would follow Dallas schools in requiring masks to be worn on campus, and Houston’s school district has confirmed that it’s also looking into bringing in its own mask mandate” reports The Daily Beast.

Republican leadership is giving freedom of choice to the parents of children, only to have school districts come along and say ‘we know what’s better for your children than you do.’ The Austin school district’s mandate requires all individuals to wear masks on school district campuses and property as the first day of school nears on August 17.

“Entities that defy Abbott’s orders face fines of $1,000, but it’s unclear if school districts could face multiple fines for violating the order. Abbott’s office didn’t clarify how the order would be enforced, but in a statement Tuesday it mentioned possible legal action, promising the governor would work with the Texas attorney general to fight ‘for the rights and freedoms of all Texans” reports the Austin American-Statesman.

In Arizona, the Scottsdale Unified School District is “run by a bunch of Bolsheviks who just don’t care about their voters” Charlie Kirk exclaims on his podcast. “They have basically defied everything that the parents and local area have asked of them” and they are a microcosm and example of what’s happening all across the country explains Kirk.

To his credit, but mostly the Arizona legislature, Governor Doug Ducey signed into a law a bill that does not allow mask mandates in Arizona schools. The Scottsdale Unified School District disregarded the bill and is mandating masks in schools and buses. The district is a perfect example of why “passing laws is not enough” explains Kirk. Because “the Democrats and the left must respect the power dynamics”. Instead, they said that the CDC is greater authority than the state’s authority.


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