American Flags on California Freeway Honoring 13 Service Members Killed in Kabul Vandalized

American Flags on California Freeway Honoring 13 Service Members Killed in Kabul Vandalized

Riverside, California police are asking for help in finding the vandals who desecrated the 13 American flags that were hung over the 91 Freeway as a memorial to the thirteen young men and women killed in the Kabul terror attacks.

The suicide bombing in Afghanistan on August 26th occurred as the brave men and women were providing security as thousands tried to flee Afghanistan, taken over by the Taliban. Fox News reports ten of the victims – nine Marines and a Navy corpsman – were based out of California’s Camp Pendleton.

The Riverside Police Department posted on their Facebook page:

“Recently after the deaths of our 13 United States Service Members killed in Afghanistan, 13 American Flags and 1 Marine Corp flag were placed on the fence to the Ivy Street overpass to the 91 Freeway in Riverside as a memorial. Sometime yesterday, an observant citizen noticed the flags appeared to be damaged and it was reported to the police.

At this point, we don’t have any suspect description but it’s obvious the flags were intentionally damaged. If you have any information as to who vandalized these flags placed on this freeway overpass to honor the 13 Fallen Service Members, please contact our Property Crimes Unit at (951) 353-7955.

We want to thank the group “What is Going on in Riverside County” for bringing this crime to our attention. With help from two citizens, the flags were carefully removed and will be turned over later today to local Boy Scout Troop 703 for proper retirement.”

Photos of the purposely ruined flags were shared on social media, and as of Wednesday, no arrests had been made. Fox News reported police said they did not yet have a suspect description.

Two citizens helped take down the damaged flags before being handed over to Boy Scout Troop 703 for “proper retirement.” Eleven Marines, one Navy sailor and one Army soldier were among the 13 American troops killed. 18 additional service members were wounded, and over 160 Afghans were killed in the terror attack.


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