Black Woman Claims Delta Moved Her to Back of Plane 'to Make Two White Women Comfortable'

Black Woman Claims Delta Moved Her to Back of Plane 'to Make Two White Women Comfortable'

A black woman says that Delta Air Lines discriminated against her by putting her in the back of the plane so that two white women could sit.

Camille Henderson says that she was seated at the window seat near row 15 on a February 3 flight from Atlanta to San Francisco. Two women then allegedly appeared saying that they had first-class tickets.

“They felt like they were ticketed first-class seats, but they couldn’t provide the tickets,” Henderson told ABC 7, adding that the woman would continue to complain for an hour.

Henderson took video of the event as it unfolded, with one woman heard saying that her first-class seat was “occupied.”

Henderson was then asked if she was flying by herself, to which she said yes. She was then told by a flight attendant that there was a free seat in aisle 34.

“I don’t want to make it a race thing, but instead of asking the two white women that were seated next to me (to move), in an attempt to accommodate them, they basically made me have to move,” she said to ABC 7.

“I just don’t know why I had to move because that was the seat that I paid for, that was my assigned seat,” she said to the outlet. “As I’m walking back there it’s just humiliating. It’s like having the entire flight look at you and asking what’s going on.”

Henderson would go on to complain and was not satisfied with what she was told by a Delta representative.

Henderson was asked how she was humiliated, to which Henderson says that she felt as though there was nothing she could do.

“Me, as a black woman, I was displaced to make two white women comfortable. That doesn’t make any sense to me,” she said.


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