Adjunct Professor Suggests ‘Sex Work’ is ‘Best Thing Young People Can do Early in Their Careers’

Adjunct Professor Suggests ‘Sex Work’ is ‘Best Thing Young People Can do Early in Their Careers’

A University of Ottawa adjunct professor and attorney Naomi Sayers recently tweeted the most disgusting advice for “young people.” Initially reported by Campus Reform, Sayers tweeted: “Unpopular opinion: the best thing young people can do early in their careers is do #SexWork on the side because your early career prospects will be unstable, unpredictable, low pay, likely contract work and very much exploitative.”

Sayers then continued in the Twitter thread comparing sex work to capitalism: “That’s how capitalism works…People out here saying young people can be exploited in sex work. Literally, that’s capitalism. Lol. And quite literally, that’s any kind of work.”

Sayers advocates for both capitalism and prisons to be abolished. “Also, if you really want young people to not be exploited, provide them with livable wages, access to safe housing, clean water, free education. Literally. Abolish capitalism…Actually abolish prison but whatever” she added.

Sayers has a publicist who insisted his client is not promoting sex work. Funny, because it seems an awful lot like she is, verbatim, promoting sex work. When asked what Sayers meant by her tweets, Alex Krause, Sayers’ publicist told Campus Reform:

“What Naomi meant is stated plainly. Yes, it is nuanced; but NO, she is not directly advocating for sex work. Her intent remains to call out systemic racism / stigmatization wherever it exists, and it is rampant within for-profit Canadian institutions AND the prison system” said Krause.

Krause also added Campus Reform’s “interpretation of her coy, and nuanced take on exploitation of capitalism vs exploitation of sex work may be indicative of the exact issue she is trying to highlight – the quickness to stigmatize and/or ‘slut shame’ sex work.”

Krause also said Sayers has no affiliation with the University of Ottawa, despite the fact that her LinkedIn profile says she still teaches there, as do several advocacy organizations.


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