66-Year-Old Man Barred From Giving Blood For Refusing to Answer If He Was Pregnant

66-Year-Old Man Barred From Giving Blood For Refusing to Answer If He Was Pregnant

A 66-year-old man says he was turned away from being able to donate blood recently after doing so for years because he refused to answer an insanely stupid question: ‘Are you now or have you recently been pregnant?’

Biological men, of course, cannot get pregnant because they don’t have the ‘plumbing’ for it, but because Western civilization has entered a period of cultural decline, most of us are forced to live in a clown world not of our making.

Les Sinclair, who has donated more than 125 pints of blood over the years, says he was turned away recently for refusing to answer the question, the Daily Mail reported. But when he most recently showed up to do his part to help save peoples’ lives, he says he was told to fill out a form asking if he was or had been pregnant anytime within the past six months.

“I indicated to the staff that I could not be in this position, but they told me that I must answer, otherwise I would not be able to donate blood,” Sinclair, of the central Scottish town of Stirling, told the Daily Mail. “

I told them that it was stupid and that if I had to leave I would not come back and that was it, I got on my bike and left,” he added.

The Daily Wire added:

All potential donors are being asked the question in order to “promote inclusiveness” and because pregnancy “not always visually clear,” the Mail reported. The United Kingdom’s National Health Service is trying to encourage blood donation amid a shortage, and the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service recently mounted a campaign to recruit 16,000 new donors.

Sinclair, who said he began donating blood when he was just 18, said he understands donors must provide information to ensure the blood supply is safe, but he said common sense should prevail on the pregnancy question. 

For his part, Sinclair’s real ‘mistake’ appears to be that he has chosen to remain living in the real world.

“It makes no sense and makes me angry because there are vulnerable people who are waiting for blood, including children, and are in desperate need of help,” he said. “But they were denied my blood because of the obligation to answer a question that cannot be answered.

“They were denied my blood because of an obligation to answer a question that cannot be answered,” he repeated.

Well, there is an answer to the question, of course, and it could even be another question, such as, “Are you crazy?” or, “Why would you ask a man such a stupid question?”

“Under the new, radical gender ideology increasingly embraced by the Left, men can become pregnant. That’s because biological women may identify as men while still retaining their ability to reproduce. Apple, Google, and Microsoft have all demonstrated their belief that men can become pregnant by adapting versions of the ‘pregnant man emoji’ that was approved last year by the Unicode Consortium as part of Emoji 14.0,” The Daily Wire adds.

For the record, we ‘follow the science’ (and biology) around here, so we are confident in saying: Biological men cannot now nor have they ever been able to ‘get pregnant.’ The fact that we have to use the quantifier “biological” is bad enough, now we are seeing lives put at risk over this insanity.


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