Sheriff's Report Shows Healthy 15 Year Old Boy Died 2 Days After 2nd Vax Jab From Heart Issues

Sheriff's Report Shows Healthy 15 Year Old Boy Died 2 Days After 2nd Vax Jab From Heart Issues

The Twitter account Reopen California Schools has reported on the death of a 15-year-old boy Police determined died from the COVID-19 vaccine. The Sonoma County sheriff’s office report of the young boys death explains he was found unresponsive in his bedroom just two days after receiving his second dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

The heartbreaking “Death Investigation Synopsis Report” concludes “after extensive research, additional testing, and collaboration with numerous other entities, the cause of death was determined to be: “STRESS CARDIOMYOPATHY WITH PERIVASCULAR CORONARY ARTERY INFLAMMATION (hours to days), due to, UNKNOWN ETIOLOGY IN SETTING OF RECENT PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINATION (days).” The report also states “there were no other significant conditions contributing to the death listed.”

In the twitter thread, @ReopenCASchools writes parents were behind finding the Public Records (PRA) of the death. According to the parents, “there are no official juvenile deaths listing complications from the Covid vaccine as the cause of death in Sonoma County. Parents requested details of juvenile deaths where manner of death was ‘undetermined’ and the report mentions Covid.”

“Using the information obtained parents were then able to find this death in the VAERS database. Interestingly, the VAERS entry only mentions the date of the first dose 23 days prior, not the date of the second dose two days prior” to the boy’s death the thread continues.

The identity of the boy was kept private and the parents behind the search “offer their condolences to the family who lost their child and wish them privacy.” The group of parents “want to bring this information to light, especially considering varying teen vaccination policies around the world and with the upcoming state vaccine mandate to attend school.”


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