Man With Walker Stabs Woman During Unprovoked Attack in Times Square

Man With Walker Stabs Woman During Unprovoked Attack in Times Square

In a startling incident near Times Square, a man, using a walker and casually smoking a cigarette, was captured on video in a sudden attack on two women, ultimately stabbing one of them with a large knife.

The unsettling event unfolded in the vicinity of Port Gourmet Deli on West 43rd and Eighth Avenue on Saturday evening.

Footage acquired by the New York Post depicts the man exiting the Port Gourmet Deli, securing his walker against the building, and taking a seat on its frame.

Subsequently, he seemingly retrieves a sizable kitchen knife from his jacket, swiftly advances toward two women, and inflicts a slash wound on one of them. After the assault, he nonchalantly returns to his perch on the walker, resuming his cigarette.

The video captures the victim clutching her chest where she was reportedly stabbed, visibly shaken as she retreats.

Authorities identified the suspected assailant as 62-year-old Cyril Destin, known to law enforcement for a history of 24 arrests spanning two decades, primarily for offenses such as criminal mischief and trespassing, as per sources within the New York City Police Department.

Following the attack, police apprehended Destin, subsequently transporting him to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation.

Requests for additional information from the New York City Police Department to Fox News Digital remained unanswered at the time of reporting.

The victim, a 46-year-old woman, received medical attention at Bellevue Hospital, where she was treated for a stab wound to her chest and reported to be in stable condition, according to information provided by the Post.


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