54 Democratic Lawmakers Beg Biden to Address Illegal Immigration Crisis in NYC

54 Democratic Lawmakers Beg Biden to Address Illegal Immigration Crisis in NYC

Over 50 Democratic lawmakers from various districts across New York City have come together to demand immediate assistance from President Biden regarding the ongoing illegal immigration crisis in their metropolis.

Representing some of the city’s largest immigrant communities, these lawmakers have urged the president to declare a federal state of emergency, expedite work authorization for migrants, address the flow at the southern border, and provide additional funds to handle the increasing number of asylum seekers, reports the New York Post.

The letter, drafted by State Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar from Queens, describes the situation as “one of the most significant humanitarian crises New York City has ever faced,” emphasizing that the city is reaching a breaking point.

While New York has long been regarded as a beacon of hope for immigrants, the unprecedented influx of illegals is straining the city’s resources.

The lawmakers have requested President Biden to establish an organized system at the southern border to distribute newcomers fairly across the country. This system would include screening for asylum claims and developing a plan for each migrant’s arrival.

Assemblywoman Rajkumar clarified that the purpose of the publicly released letter is not to embarrass or criticize the president but rather to communicate the urgent need for more decisive action to address the illegal migration crisis, which is placing immense pressure on New York City’s resources.

She expressed a willingness to work with President Biden to find solutions to the challenges posed by the increasing number of asylum seekers.

The city has witnessed over 90,000 illegals arriving since last year, and more than 54,000 individuals are currently in the overwhelmed shelter system. This unprecedented situation has prompted the lawmakers to seek federal assistance and support.


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